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We believe that the most powerful cycles of life and change are exemplified in nature.


We draw from natural systems and generative ecology in our work with people and organizations.


Strategic listening prioritizes discovering and exploring authentic vision and voice. We serve as your complex change partner—together co-designing identities, systems, structures, and operations for a vibrant future.


Seamless integration of brand identity, organizational structure, operations leadership, and strategic communications expertise

Contextual + Holistic

Taking in the whole picture of complexities and perspectives, with an orientation to consider all interconnected people, programs and their impact


An approach that prioritizes rooting in the past, honoring the present and cultivating an inclusively participatory future

The CAMBIO Way draws from the following frameworks utilizing research within
the natural and social sciences and evidence-based practices 
for sustained organizational change:


Systems Thinking

Transition Design

Transformational Learning

Strengths-based, Appreciative Inquiry

Organizational Courage + Personal Responsibility

Reflection + Self-Discovery

Applied Equity + Inclusion

Transparent Communication

Adaptive Leadership

Valuing Uncertainty in Collective Process

Awareness of Implicit Association + Bias

Language as Power 

Language as Construction of Reality(ies)


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“A strategy for building complex patterns and systems of change through relatively small interactions” and “an adaptive, relational way of being” together in process.


*Emergent Strategy, Adrienne Maree Brown, P. 2

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An approach to designing with people, not for people. Co-Design processes share power, prioritize relationships, use participatory means and build capability.


*Beyond Sticky Notes, Kelly Ann McKercher, P. 8



Strategic Listening merges active listening and applied counseling skills for responsive support, including what might be related to past-present-future context(s), intersecting community(ies) and relationships, values and beliefs, (mis)alignment, gaps, challenges, opportunities, and possibilities. This practice applies systems principles from natural sciences, psychology, anthropology, sociology, spirituality, and linguistics.

Utilized in one-on-one coaching partnerships and in every aspect of all brand + organizational co-design projects and consulting engagements.

Strategic Listening

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Hannah Mello journeys with people and communities through strategic listening processes to co-design brands, organizations, and ways of being together.
Hannah has served as a collaborative, facilitating partner for over 22 years with deep experience across sectors, including with entrepreneurs, start-ups, global brands and corporations like Condé Nast, Microsoft, Premera Blue Cross and T-Mobile—as well as with nonprofits of all sizes, focuses and affiliations. 
Individuals and organizations engage learning and development rooted in an ecological worldview—
applying integrated systems principles from natural sciences, psychology, anthropology, sociology, spirituality, and linguistics.

Hannah earned a Master of Arts degree in Adult Education and Training (M.Ed.) with a specialization in Human Resource Development from Seattle University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Hermeneutics with a Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies with a specialization in Music from Bethany University. She is a Certified Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) instructor with deep interest in the socio-cultural roots of language and all forms of expression.

Hannah is a Certified Practitioner in Human-centered Design through LUMA Institute, and holds a Certificate of Integrated Talent Management from the international Association for Talent Development (ATD). She is currently earning certification as a Professional Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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