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Do you have a sense of what could be different in your relationships, 
communication or business—but feel stuck?

Do you want to take your work to the next level, but aren't sure where to start? 
Coaching meets you where you are, and supports you in taking actionin leadership, business, personal and professional development.
A distinct resource from other modes of relational support (different than consulting, counseling, or mentorship), coaching focuses on the present and the future you desire to create—grounding into your values and expanding your communication and perspective.
Your coach supports your ideas and your intuition, and helps you hear yourself and others. Through coaching, clients communicate, collaborate and act more confidently, authentically and intentionally.

What do coaching sessions look like? We start our partnership with a coaching agreement, identifying the goals you want to work towards. Sessions are one hour, and you start the discussion each session with what's going on. Questions asked will help you go deeper. Your coach uses your own language and explores your thinking, understanding and approach(es). Each session ends with you deciding what action you want to take that week.

The result? Clients have...

  • started new creative projects

  • aligned their leadership to their core values more authentically

  • deepened personal and professional relationships

  • pivoted or changed careers

  • worked through conflict at home and in business

  • explored new ways of communicating

As with all CAMBIO work, pricing is sliding scale for affordability (learn more here).


Hannah Mello, M.Ed.

Hannah was drawn to coaching out of the CAMBIO way of deep listening to the values, desires, and dreams of people and communities.


She believes that people hold great intuition, wisdom and insight that they can access to make a difference in the relationships and aspects of life that are most important to them.


Hannah was trained by master coaches to put aside biases, opinions, language, and agendas to be with clients as a coach—to be fully present and meet people exactly where they are. Hannah is committed to her clients' goals with deft skill to ask questions that provoke deeper listening than a client might experience on their own, with family or friends or colleagues.

Hannah is accountable to the International Coaching Federation's Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. She is currently earning certification as a Professional Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Meet Your Coach


Ordained Minister, Executive Facilitator


Executive Director, Nonprofit

Through Hannah’s coaching, I could act more confidently from my authentic self at a time of major organizational change.  I moved from performance of a familiar role to leadership from a place of vulnerability and openness.  Thank you, Hannah, for your deep listening and insight!

Manager of Operations, Healthcare

Through coaching, I'm discovering my own answers that have sat in a reservoir for a long time, but are finally surfacing with your help. I've experienced significant improvements in my relationship with my boss and my spouse. I’ve found freedom and authenticity in coming to my own conclusions as a direct result of this type of coaching.

CEO, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Your coaching has helped me discover my true self. I found a safe space to explore becoming the best version of myself. With your help, I have overcome barriers and found a vision to move forward in my life. Our work has also helped me open my heart to the needs of others, while strengthening my will to take action. I am deeply grateful for your compassionate and skilled coaching.

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