Partnering with you in dynamic, creative sessions guided by your desired outcomes in

leadership, business, and/or personal development.

Bring your own goals, and/or discover them through an introductory consult.

We'll start the partnership with a learning plan and coaching agreement 
which we will work on together.


You set the agenda each session. All questions asked will help you go deeper—
exploring your thinking, understanding and approach(es)—

meeting you where you are, and supporting the actions you decide to take.

"Through Hannah’s coaching, I could act more confidently from my authentic self at a time of major organizational change.  I moved from performance of a familiar role to leadership from a place of vulnerability and openness.  Thank you, Hannah, for your deep listening and insight!"

MICHAEL R.  |  Executive Director, Nonprofit

"Through coaching, I'm discovering my own answers that have sat in a reservoir for a long time, but are finally surfacing with your help. I've experienced significant improvements in my relationship with my boss and my spouse. I’ve found freedom and authenticity in coming to my own conclusions as a direct result of this type of coaching."

KATHRYN K.  |  Manager of Operations, Healthcare

"Your coaching has helped me discover my true self. I found a safe space to explore becoming the best version of myself. With your help, I have overcome barriers and found a vision to move forward in my life. Our work has also helped me open my heart to the needs of others, while strengthening my will to take action. I am deeply grateful for your compassionate and skilled coaching."

SAM R.  | CEO, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

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