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From hourly consult to special projects to identify, align and/or achieve 
brand and business development goals

Organizational Design + Development
Marketing Communications
Process Facilitation
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Organizational Redesign


Facilitating change exploration, discovery and implementation within a 100 year-old organizing nonprofit with deep roots and affiliations regionally.

Designing and facilitating leadership, board, staff and member communications and collaboration sessions for organizational structure reformation.

Formation of a Design Team and community listening strategies.

Consulting on transition branding, communications and messaging.

Creating 100th anniversary theme, and consulting on event design and communications.

Coaching sessions with Executive Director.



Strategic shift in identity, structure
and operations out of a commitment to racial justice and equity.

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Process Facilitation


Facilitating collaborative communication with the goal of a more sustainable use of skills and resources for greater impact in the community.

Staff, board and membership engagement sessions.

Strategic planning and communications consult.

Coaching sessions with senior leadership.


Culture transformation toward a shared leadership model and community-centered decision-making.

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