You // Client

You bring expertise, experience and knowledge to the table that is vital to your success. As a CAMBIO client, what you contribute is important to our work together in meeting your goals. 

Your Business // Client

Whether your business is established, emerging or still in formation--CAMBIO projects prioritize understanding and authentically communicating your business mission, vision and values effectively.

Hannah Mello //
Coach & Consultant

Hannah Mello journeys with individuals, teams and organizations navigating complexities in defining, pursuing and/or achieving their goals.


Hannah provides in-depth consulting by leveraging 20 years of marketing communications, change management and organizational development experience in businesses of varied sizes and industry sectors, as well as training in social science, professional coaching and career counseling. Through her work, clients effectively engage market, social, cultural and personal change. 


Hannah holds a Master of Arts degree in Adult Education & Training with a specialization in Human Resource Development from Seattle University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Hermeneutics and a Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies with a specialization in Music from Bethany University. She is a Certified Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Instructor with deep interest
in the socio-cultural roots of language and all forms of expression.
Hannah is a Certified Practitioner in Human-centered Design through LUMA Institute, and holds a Certificate of Integrated Talent Management from the international Association for Talent Development (ATD). She is currently earning certification as a Professional Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Riko Trie Saputra Adiansyah //

Riko Trie Saputra Adiansyah is a designer mindful of the complex meaning that visuals bring to individuals, groups and business more widely.


From a very young age, Riko was drawn to the arts--the first in his family to enter the field. He attended university in Malang, within his home country of Indonesia.


Riko earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Informatics Engineering with a Graphic Design specialization, having dedicated over five years to the formal study of design. He is dedicated to quality design, identifying as a perfectionist with a commitment to honor the trust clients place in his creative process. 


Riko's interest in logo design in particular stems from a recognition that an organization's brand promises something to its customers. His goal is to communicate that promise in a way that honors the work of the business and captures the value to its customers.

Reneé Kern //
Social Media & Video

Reneé Kern is a creative professional dedicated to the art of 
social media and video.

Reneé has a rich background in music--including business management, production, performance and recording-- having a passion for quality audio and visual combinations that are
meaningful while purposeful
in achieving client goals. 

For Reneé, social media and video provide opportunities to inspire and bring people together. 


Reneé brings experience in sales,
human resources (HR) and recruiting
with a keen eye to connect social media and video strategy to business development goals.


Reneé studied Music Business at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee as well as having formal training in education and early childhood development. She also has two growing teenage children who offer constant insights into the use of emerging media and its context in popular culture.