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You bring expertise, experience and knowledge to the table that is vital to your success. As a CAMBIO client, what you bring is important to our work together in meeting your goals. 

Your Business // Client

Whether your business is established, emerging or still in formation--your vision and mission are important to our work together. CAMBIO projects prioritize communication and understanding of your values in doing business.

Hannah Mello is a strategist and guide for individuals, teams and organizations navigating complexities
in defining, pursuing and/or achieving their goals.


Hannah provides in-depth consulting by leveraging 18 years’ marketing communications, change management and organizational development experience in businesses of varied sizes and industry sectors, as well as training in adult learning, socio-cultural communication, narrative therapy and career counseling. Through her work, clients effectively engage market, social, cultural and personal change. 


Hannah holds a Master of Arts degree in Adult Education & Training with a specialization in Human Resource Development from Seattle University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Hermeneutics and a Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies with a specialization in Music from Bethany University. She is a certified Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) instructor with deep interest
in socio-cultural roots of language

and all forms of expression.
Hannah is Certified Practitioner in Human-centered Design through LUMA Institute, and holds a certificate of integrated talent management from the international Association for Talent Development.

Riko Trie Saputra Adiansyah is a designer mindful of the complex meaning that visuals bring to individuals, groups, and business more widely.From a very young age, Riko was drawn to the arts--the first in his family to enter the field. Riko attended university in Malang, within his home country of Indonesia. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Informatics Engineering with a Graphic Design specialization, having dedicated over five years to the formal study of design. Riko is dedicated to quality design, identifying as a perfectionist with a commitment to honor the trust clients place in his creative process. His interest in logo design in particular stems from a recognition that an organization's brand promises something to its customers. His goal is to communicate that promise in a way that honors the work of the business and captures the value to its customers.